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IT Manufacturing

In the present economy, there is a huge demand for consolidating various activities alongwith the personnel involved in one complete value added chain at different level. The manufacturing is greatly faced with the challenge of providing custom tailored cost effective solutions in minimal time. At the same time there is a need for standardizing products and processes. These requirementsexplicit the need of a strong efficient and quick responding logistics chain.

IT manufacturing branch of Blue Diamond Global concentrates on developing IT solutions and services for process and discrete manufacturing industries. We master in offering high quality IT automation solutions at every level of manufacturing process.
We have built up fully integrated SAP ERP solution. In this way the complete process of value addition can be tracked on a single ERP system from the stage of product idea through product planning, development, production, procurement and customer service. The offerings includeMES Products- OSI-PI Aspen Tech, Wonderware, Flexnet, Rockwell, IBM SiView, PROMIS, Honeywell etc. to various industries including Gas & Power, Automotive, food & Beverages, chemical and metal manufacturing, Aerospace and Electronics.

WE believe in presenting our client the BEST!

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